29 Aug 2006

Larch Flower Remedy

Dr. Bach's Description of Larch: "For those who do not consider themselves as good or capable as those around them, who expect failure, who feel that they will never be a success, and so do not venture or make a strong enough attempt to succeed."

Larch flower remedy is excellent for those who lack self esteem. They tend to take no risks and often will not even try a project due to their fear of failure.

The larch personality generally can be traced back to childhood. Criticism, belittlement, lack of encouragement and support by parents is often the cause. There are the over protective parents who will not let a child try anything new or difficult in case they fail or hurt themselves, and there are the over achiever type parents who constantly criticise the child for not doing tasks perfectly or not being winners in any contest that they tackle.

With larch flower remedy and lots of encouragement the larch child or adult will build their self confidence and handle life's challenges and obstacles without feeling they are losers if everything does not run smoothly as they hoped.

Even animals can benefit from larch. There are many pets who cringe, or like dogs, walk around with their tails between when their legs due to having no confidence. Larch will help remedy this.

Larch people will be amazed at what they can accomplish when they are not worried about failure.

Take two drops in a small glass of water and sip at intervals or take directly under tongue. Every bottle comes with it's own dropper to perfectly measure four drops. It can also be used on the pulse points, or moistened lips.

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