13 Jul 2007

Apricot Kernal Oil

Apricot kernal oil is extracted from the apricot kernal and is high in vitamin A and minerals. Nourishing, rich and suitable for even the most sensitive skins. Its botanical name is prunus armeniaca. Popular with aromatherapists, masseurs and soap makers as apricot kernal oil is mild enough even for babies' skin.

The oil is high in linoleic and oleic fatty acids and is easily absorbed by the skin and does not leave the skin feeling oily. It brings a healthy glow to the skin. Popular for use on mature, sensitive and very dry skin. So it is often used in skin creams to remove dryness, soften wrinkles and make the skin soft and smooth. To get the same effect massage a few drops on your face each time you wash it.

The oil contains vitamin B17 which in some circles is said to prevent cancer although this is refuted by most of the medical fraternity.

It is also an excellent treatment for the hair and scalp. Softening the hair and preventing dry scalp. The oil can add relief when massaged into aching and strained muscles.

Food grade apricot kernal oil is also popular in salad oils and stir-frys as its mild fflavor doesn't detract from the food. It has a shelf life of well over 6 months if kept in a dark, cool cupboard.

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Moody Blues and PMS Massage Oil
From SunSpirit

10 drops apricot kernel oil
2 drops lavender oil
3 drops mandarin oil or petitgrain oil
2 drops geranium oil

Mix and massage into neck and shoulders or full body. The same essential oils in the above recipe (excluding Apricot Kernel) may also be used in the bath or vapourised in an oil burner.

Ginger Skin Cream
From SpaIndex
Ginger invigorates, and oil soothes. Try this double dose for dry skin.

2 inch (4 cm) piece of fresh ginger
2 tsps light sesame oil
2 tsps apricot kernel oil
2 tsps vitamin E oil
½ cup cocoa butter

Preheat oven on lowest setting. Finely grate the ginger just enough so that you have about an 1/8 teaspoon of ginger "juice." To obtain the juice, squeeze the freshly grated ginger over a small bowl. Place the ingredients (including the ginger) in a glass container and heat just until the cocoa butter is melted and the oils are blended. Pour into a clean, dry container and store in a cool dry place. You can add a few drops of orange or other essential oil for a nice twist.

Muscle Relaxer Massage
From the Little Giant Book of Aromatherapy by Schiller & Schiller

5 drops neroli
4 drops lavender
3 drops black pepper
3 drops pine
3 tsps (15ml) apricot kernal oil

Mix essential oils then add carrier oil. warm slightly and use for massage.



motherwintermoon said...

Mmmm...apricot oil sounds lovely. I can feel it now. The Ginger Skin Cream is calling to me.

Marion said...

I'm going to have to look for apricot kernel Oil...Once again, Jackie, you have taught me something new!

Lavender said...

Fascinating blogs you have - Ive got to try some of these, starting with the ginger skin creme for my dry winter hands! Thanks for stopping by my blog - very nice to meet you!

Essential oils said...

Apricot Kernal Oil is amazing. I use all the time in cooking. Thanks for the info!