25 Aug 2007

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil has been popular as a medicinal, beauty and cooking oil for thousands of years especially with people living in the Tropics.

Around the late 50's and 60's, coconut oil's popularity waned in the U.S. due to it being given the name of "artery clogger", which was later found to be incorrect. It is composed predominately of medium-chain triglycerides (MCT) which do not have a negative effect on cholesterol and help to lower the risk of both atherosclerosis and heart disease. The best sources of MCT's are from coconut and palm kernel oils.

Coconut oil is also the only vegetable source of lauric acid which is found in mothers' milk. It builds up the immune system against viral, bacterial and protozoal infections. Studies are being done on it as a supplement for those with HIV.

Everyone will find it a great benefit in their daily lives. It kills the fungus/yeast infections like candida, ringworm, athletes foot and thrush. Dieters like it as it supports thyroid function and increases metabolism and active people like it as it boosts energy and endurance levels.

Internally it has been suggested that one takes 3 tablespoons a day, one with each meal. Add to smoothies, stir frys, salad dressings and in baked goods. Make sure that you purchase a virgin, organic, coconut oil brand which is suitable for taking internally.

Externally as a beauty aid coconut oil is excellent for both skin and hair. It softens and moisturizes your skin, preventing wrinkles and age spots. It also protects the skin, hair and scalp from UV rays and infections.

Quick and Tasty Spuds

1 large organic baking potato per person
1 organic clove of garlic per person
1 dessert spoon of organic virgin coconut oil per person

Preheat oven to 200C/400F. Melt the coconut oil in the oven in a large baking dish. Peel and thickly slice the potatoes and the garlic and place them in the dish, making sure they are well covered with the melted coconut oil. Sprinkle to taste with organic sea salt. Check them after 20 minutes and turn. Cook for a further 20 minutes, or until crunchy (and very yummy!)

Coconut Smoothie
From SmoothieWeb

1 cup Coconut Milk
1-2 tbsps your favorite protein powder
1 tbsp virgin coconut oil
1 tbsp ground flax seeds
1 tsp pure vanilla extract
1/4 tsp almond extract
1/4 tsp stevia powder (or other sweetener)
8-10 ice cubes

Place all ingredients but ice in a blender and process at high speed until well combined. Add ice after the coconut oil is blended so that it won’t clump. You may use more or less ice, depending on how cold you like a smoothie. Serves 2

Beauty Tips from

For cracked heals, massage the foot with coconut oil and keep the foot in warm water for some time.

Massage your body with a mixture of coconut oil and any of your favourite scented oils like lavender or rosemary.

Massage a few drops of coconut oil around the eyes to get rid off dark circles.
Rub eyebrows and eyelashes with olive oil or coconut oil or almond oil to encourage hair growth.

Massage the Scalp with pure coconut oil. This will also help growth of hair.
or Apply a mixture of almond oil and gooseberry juice with finger tips on the scalp.
or Apply the warm mixture of olive oil, lemon juice and coconut oil. Do a steam -towel- wrap for 15 minutes and wash the hair with a mild shampoo.
Healthy Shiny Hair
Massage hair with warm coconut oil an hour before washing. Let it soak. Cover your head with a hot towel and wash your hair after an hour or so.
Hair Loss
Boil a few hibiscus flowers in coconut oil. Filter and use this hair oil to control hair loss and thinning.

Heat some coconut oil or mustard oil mixed with a little camphor powder and apply on the effected area.
or Heat some coconut oil mixed with crushed dried ginger and garlic. Apply this warm oil to the affected area and place a hot bag over the area.

Coconut Cleansing Cream Recipe
From RecipeGoldmine

3 tbsps oil
1 tbsp olive oil
1 tbsp vegetable glycerin
2 tsps water

Melt ingredients together over very low heat until liquid. Remove from heat. Beat as the mixture cools to emulsify. Store in an airtight jar and keep in the refrigerator since coconut oil has a very low melting point. After use, follow with an astringent.


"Coconut oil is the healthiest oil on earth" says Dr. Bruce Fife,
a naturopathic doctor and the author of "The Coconut Oil Miracle."


motherwintermoon said...

I love organic, extra virgin coconut oil. Thank you bunches Jackie for the great recipes on the various ways to utilize its benefits.

Marion said...

Welcome back, Jackie...Thanks for all the great recipes using coconut oil. I was frightened of using it for years; I was so pleased to find the opposite was true, regarding health.

I can't wait to try those potatoes.

Naomi said...

Great post Jackie. Nice to see you back blogging again. Hope you enjoyed your break. I'm glad to hear coconut oil is safe to use. The coconut smoothie sounds good. I'm also going to try out the Coconut cleansing cream recipe.

P.S. I just posted some photos on my blog that might be of interest.

efjay said...

Love your post, Jackie. If I may just add a little more about coconut oil's anti-HIV benefits.

The first clinical trial on HIV treatment with coconut oil was done in 1998 of 15 HIV-infected individuals. The study was funded by the Philippine Coconut Research and Development Foundation.

This initial trial confirmed the anecdotal reports that coconut oil does have an antiviral effect and can beneficially reduce the viral load of HIV patients.

Coconut Oil Central

efjay said...

Hi Jackie. I forgot to mention this. The recipes you have posted are great. Do you have a coconut mayonnaise recipe you would like to share?

I love mayo but when I found out that the oil used is not healthy, I slowly but surely avoided it, much to my disappointment because I really love to dip just about anything in mayonnaise.

Coconut Oil Central

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I believe that Coconut has major health benefits but whenever i heard coconut kill hiv cells i needed to spread this informationcoconut's health benefits against HIV