27 Sep 2007

Bloggers Unite - Stop the Abuse

Bloggers Unite

Join BlogCatalog's Campaign, today 27th September, against Abuse in all it's forms.

If you are against animal abuse, child abuse, abuse of the aged or any other form of abuse, pop over to BlogCatalog where you will find some excellent logos for your blogs.

Once you have posted your entry, add your link at Blog Catalog and . And then send it to by Oct. 10 with any results.

This is shaping up to be the biggest Bloggers Unite campaign in BlogCatalog history! Please join today and blog against abuse.


As a Vegan I am especially against Animal Abuse. One major form of Animal Abuse is in factory farming. For more information you can visit the sites below:

The Meatrix - Multi Award winning films on factory farming.
GoVeg - Mechanized Madness
FactoryFarming - The Truth Hurts
KFC - Kentucky Fried Cruelty
All Creatures - Animal Exploitation from a Christian perspective.

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malawika said...

Bloggers Unite is great idea! I hope that will help many!

motherwintermoon said...

Thank you for this important post, Jackie. When I went Veg it raised the act of eating to a spiritual level for me. Revering the sanctity of all sentient life, not just that of our own kind, brought my diet in line with my beliefs and my spirituality.