15 Nov 2009

Olive Leaf Extract

The fruit thereof shall be for meat, and the leaf thereof for medicine
~ Ezekiel 47:12

Olive leaf has been used as a medication for thousands of years. Ancient Egyptians used the oil extracted from the leaves in the mixture used to mummify their kings. The Ancient Greeks used it to cure fevers of all kinds. In Europe, around the mid 1800's, olive leaf tincture was recorded being used to cure fevers including those of malaria.

In the early 1900's, research found that the bitter compound, which was named oleuropein, is contained in the olive leaf. A Dutch researcher found that oleuropein naturally converted to elolenic acid in the body. Elolenic acid kills the bad bacteria, viruses, fungi, and yeasts as it interferes with the replication process of most pathogens. The immune system can therefore renew itself and protect the body from disease.

Some of olive leaf extracts many proven benefits:
* Immune booster and powerful antioxidant
* Preventing and curing colds and 'flu
* Decreasing effects of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
* Helps lower blood pressure
* Relieving malaria fevers
* Treating existing viruses like herpes and shingles
* Eliminating yeast and other vaginal infections
* Eliminating parasites in the colon
* Helps to reduce uric acid and gout problems
* Relief from the effects of arthritis

1)The extract is safe to use and there not been any reports of adverse reactions. As with all herbal extracts, if pregnant, a nursing mother, diabetic or if taking medication, do check with your pharmacist or medical practitioner before taking olive leaf extract.
2)The only side effect you could experience when first taking olive leaf extract is similar to those when detoxing of fatigue or a headache. Severity differs from person to person.

The extract is stronger than a tincture. Like many health products it is important that you check that the extract is standardized. If unsure check with you health practitioner or local health shop which brands in your area are standardized.

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good sense in daily life said...

I absolutely love your blog! Always waiting to see what you have posted next for me to learn & experiement with. Do you take the olive extract on a daily basis or only when symptoms arise?

Jackie said...

It is a personal choice. Some take it regularly as an immune booster and to keep the body parasite free while others only take when a problem occurs. I personally take a months supply once every three or four months.

Marion said...

This is the first time I have heard of olive leaf extract. It sounds similar to oil of oregano. I will look out for it next I visit the health food shop...thanks, Jackie!

Christie said...

We women have been using cosmetics for thousands of years to define our ideal of beauty but If using cosmetics helps us feel beautiful and more confidant that's a good thing. But let's make sure that we are using cosmetics that are safe and healthy for our skin. and i found Natural products are 100% chemical free made from natural herbs and are cruelty free.

penny said...

I have been using Olive Leaf extract to treat a for a form of eczema that affects the soles of my feet and palms of my hands called Dyshiddrosis. It stops the itching and dries the blisters almost immediately where traditional drugs have had no affect. I also never get colds or flu when I take it or clears up a cold almost immediatelty