23 Apr 2010

Basil Essential Oil

Basil essential oil is well known for it's wonderful health properties, whereas basil infused oil which is also health giving is mainly known for it's culinary uses. The essential oil is extracted from the sweet basil plant (Ocimum basilicum) by steam distillation. It is also known as tulsi essential oil. Basil essential oil is a golden yellow oil with a warm, sweet and spicy aroma, and gives a green top note to blends.

Some of the health giving contents in basil essential oil are linalool, methyl chavicol, citronella, eugenol and anythol. The oil is known as a carminative, emmenagogue (promotes and regulates menstruation), antibacterial, antispasmodic, analgesic, digestive, expectorant, galactagogue (increases the flow of breast milk) and tonic.  

Health wise it's historically known uses include relief of muscle pain and rheumatism, headaches and migraine, insect bites, and lung and sinus congestion.  To use it, basil essential oil can be placed in massage oil, in burners, or added to the bath, so that it can give relief to many of these problems. Other benefits include it being energizing, improving concentration and for uplifting spirits.

Warning:  Do not use during pregnancy or when under the age of 16. Always use added to a base oil when applying to the skin, especially if you have sensitive skin.

Basil essential oil is also a wonderful beauty aid as it improves the tone of the skin and gives the hair a shine when added to skin creams and hair conditioners.


Avocado and Basil Massage Oil
By Christopher Godwin at eHow  
Simple, natural homemade massage oil that should be applied to the skin when slightly damp. This massage oil is good for all skin types  as it does not use oils that may lead to increased oil production in people with typically oily skin. Avocado and basil massage oil will keep for about two months if stored in a cool, dark place between uses.

½ cup cold pressed avocado oil
4 tbsp almond oil
4 tbsp apricot kernel oil
4 tbsp cold pressed olive oil
10 drops basil essential oil

Combine the avocado oil, almond oil and apricot kernel oil in a small saucepan. Cover and heat over low heat for about 5 minutes. Remove the saucepan from the stove and let it cool for about 15 minutes. Add the cold pressed olive oil and stir with a wooden spoon or disposable stirrer. Using a clean plastic funnel, transfer the avocado and basil massage oil to a sterilized glass bottle with a pump or tight-fitting top. Add the basil essential oil to the bottle and shake gently. Store the massage oil in a dry, dark place for 24 hours to infuse before first use. Shake gently before first use and all subsequent uses.

Natural Insect Repellent Oil
1/2 cup soybean oil 
15 drops lemongrass essential oil
15 drops rose geranium essential oil
10 drops basil essential oil

Place all ingredients in dark bottle or squeeze bottle.  Shake and leave for one hour. Shake before use. Store in cool dark area. Will keep for +/- 6 months.


Marion said...

I love, love, love the new look of your blog, Jackie!

I had not thought about Basil essential oil, which is silly. I have used basil infused oil, which I fact, I love anything basil!

I'm amazed at all the health giving properties the essential oil has and will stay on the lookout for it. Thanks for the info...another great post, my old friend!

hope said...

Thanks for posting the insect repellant! I've use Burts Bee on my kiddos and dog - do you think this could be used on pets?

Jackie said...

Marion, felt I needed a change and Blogger has brought out so many nice and easy backgrounds :)

Hope, there is no evidence that the oil can harm dogs. There is also another nice mix as well for dogs : 4 drops lemon grass, 6 drops lavender, 2 tsps vodka or other drinking alcohol and 500mls water. Put 20 drops in final rise when bathing them or soak collar in mix :) Use the basil mix the same way.

hope said...

Thanks so much! I need to get that made this weekend.

Mar said...

I am using Basil Oil too in our place because it is mosquito infested.