18 Aug 2010

Scots Pine Essential Oil

There are many varieties of pine but the one that is normally used therapeutically is the Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris). Also known as Scotch Pine and Norway Pine. The tree is native to the North and West of Europe. The best quality pine pure essential oil is extracted from the needles of the Scots pine tree by steam distillation.

An oil is extracted from the cones, twigs and wood clippings, but this has a harsh aroma, and another oil is also ontained from the pine resin and this we know as turpentine. Both these oils do have medicicinal properties but are not suitable for aromatheraphy, dermatology and massage as they irritate the skin and mucous membranes. They are often used in household products like cleaners and disinfectant. 

Pine oil is colourless to a very pale yellow and watery in viscosity.. It has a strong pine aroma with a camphoraceous undertones. Pine oil's main property is as a powerful antiseptic and it is also analgesic, anti-bacterial,  diuretic, and energizing.

It's health benefits include the treatment of skin problems like eczema, pimples, boils and psoriasis, relief of joint pain like arthritis, relief of mental stress and fatigue, curing respiratory problems like coughs and colds, a remedy for urinary tract infections, reducing the inflammation of the gall bladder, and speeding up the metabolism. Apart from massage it can be used in a burner or added to the bath water, to relieve asthma, sinusitis, coughs and colds.  

Warning: When purchasing pine oil for personal use make sure you have the right variety and it is the pine pure essential oil (Pinus sylvestris). Do not take internally and do not use when pregnant. It is also not suitable for young children and old folk. It should also be used sparingly.

A good tip is to add a few drops to carpet shampoo and pet shampoo as it is said to repel fleas.

Pine oil has many beauty and cosmetic uses and is found in soaps, bath oils, massage oils, perfumes, steam baths and saunas. It blends well with cedarwood, rosemary, lavender and sage. 

Cold and 'Flu Mix

10 drops pine essential oil
8 drops tea tree essential oil
15 drops lemon essential oil

Place in dropper bottle and shake well. Use as follows: Steam Inhalation: 3 to 4 drops in bowl of boiling water.  Cover head and bowl with towel and inhale for 5 minutess. Dry Inhalation: 3 to 4 drops on a tissue and inhale throughout day. Bath: 8 drops in bath and lie back inhale and relax.

Reviving Salt Bath

1/2 cup Epsom salts 
1/4 cup sea salt
1-2 tsps spirulina powder 
5 drops pine essential oil 

Mix and add to warm bath.

Fizzy Bathroom Sink Cleaner

1/2 cup baking soda
6 drops pine essential oil
1/4 cup vinegar

Combine the baking soda and essential oil. Sprinkle into the sink; pour the vinegar on top. After the fizz settles, scrub clean with a damp cloth or sponge. Rinse clean.

Pine Floor Cleanser

1/2 cup soap flakes
1/4 cup washing soda
1 cup salt
2 cups water
2 tsps pine essential oil

Washing soda, available at grocery-store laundry sections, is an inexpensive yet effective cleansing agent that quickly cuts grease and removes stubborn stains. Mixed with soap and salt, it makes an excellent cleanser for most hard floor surfaces. In a saucepan, place the soap, washing soda, salt, and water and heat gently, stirring until soap, soda, and salt have dissolved. Cool the mixture to lukewarm, then add the essential oil. Stir well and pour into a jar or other container. To use, pour two to three tablespoons of the mixture into half a bucket of hot water, stirring well. For large areas, you may need to double the amount.


Greenearth said...

Hadn't heard of pine oil. Looks like a great product.

Marion said...

I love the smell of pine in cleaners. It was used a lot when I was younger; I haven't used it for years.

I'm going to try the bathroom sink cleanser...we have hard water and it makes a mess of the sink. I think this recipe might work..

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