15 Mar 2007

Lemongrass Oil

Everyone loves the fresh, uplifting, lemon-scented perfume of lemongrass. You can enjoy it in many ways, dried as a herb or tea, as an essential oil, and fresh or frozen for use in Thai, Indonesian and Vietnamese cooking and many other dishes.

See my blog The Vegan Diet for the use of lemongrass in the kitchen and it's nutrative qualities.

Lemongrass is an aromatic grass which is found in the Tropics. The essential oil is extracted from the plant by steam distillation. It is one of the strongest smelling oils and a little goes a long way when adding it to massage oils. One drop to a tablespoon of carrier oil is recommended. Dilute even further if you have very sensitive skin.

A lemongrass and carrier oil massage is excellent as a relaxant after a highly stressed day at the office or to relieve muscular aches and pains after a workout. Also excellent to relieve arthritic pain when massaged into the joints.

A few drops in a footbath is excellent for tired, sweaty feet after a run. To soften hard skin on the feet rub a mixture of cider vinegar, sweet almond oil and lemongrass oil into your skin after your footbath.

Lemongrass oil can be used externally to treat ringworm, athletes foot, dandruff and scabies. Use in your burner as a relaxant and also to give your home a clean, fresh smell.

Lemongrass will also repel those annoying, flying, insects in the evening by using the oil in your burner. Also works to keep your pets bed free of fleas by spraying the bedding with a mixture lavender oil, lemongrass oil and surgical spirits.

Although lemongrass oil is not recommended for a massage if pregnant, lemongrass tea has been drunk for centuries to promote milk flow in nursing mothers. The tea is also excellent for digestion, cramps, headaches and for coughs and colds.

Pick up a bottle of lemongrass essential oil and a packet of tea when next you go shopping.

Water Sprite
From PositiveHealth
Extracted from The Aromatherapy Kitchen by Nicola Jenkins (Search Press 2001)

A tropical blend which should get you going on those cold, grey winter mornings. Lemongrass is great for muscular aches and pains, Coriander will give your immune system a boost and Jasmine regulates hormonal imbalances. This bubble bath smells gorgeous and it can also be used as a perfume. Reduce the dosage of Lemongrass and Jasmine if you have a sensitive skin, as they can sometimes cause an uncomfortable reaction.

3 drops lemongrass
2 drops jasmine
3 drops coriander
1 tbsp bubble bath

Light moisturising and toning for Oily Skin

5 tsps jojoba oil
5 drops bergamot
5 drops cypress
3 drops geranium
2 1/2 tbsps Sunspirit Aloe Gel
10 drops geranium
10 drops lavender
3 drops lemongrass

Apply to face once or twice daily.

Citrus Body Scrub
From MCS-Natural Beauty Recipes

6 tbsps unscented liquid body soap (preferably castile or other detergent-free formula)
6 tbsps grapeseed, jojoba, or sesame oil
1 tbsp sweet almond, kukui nut or macadamia nut oil
1/2 cup fine sea salt
1 tbsp coarse sea salt
1/4 tsp lemongrass essential oil
1/4 tsp tangerine essential oil
4-5 drops neroli or lime essential oil

Combine the soap and oils together in a bowl until well blended. Slowly add in the salts, followed by the essential oils (which should be spread throughout the mixture). Smooth on small handfuls of the scrub onto wet skin (apply to dry skin cautiously for an invigorating treatment); rub with gentle pressure in circular motions. Rinse well or smooth off in bath. Store unused portion in tightly sealed (preferably glass) container in a cool, dark, dry place for 6-12 months.

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The Artist said...

I didn't realize what a wonderful range of uses there were for lemongrass.

Look forward to putting your exciting information into practice.

Learn so much each time I visit your site,

best wishes, The Artist

RUTH said...

Reading your posts make me wonder why we don't all use natural products instead of running to the chemists all the time. Your "recipes" are really interesting and being a gardener so many things I could grow myself.

Marion said...

I didn't know that there was lemongrass essential oil. I don't know why, since I buy a lot of different kinds!

So I will look for it...I imagine it would be good to use in a burner in the summer, to keep bugs away.

And smell great, too!

Naomi said...

I was interested to read the different uses for lemongrass oil. I actually did a post on my blog about the scent of lemon for drivers improving driving performance and adding "zest" to difficult journeys. There are so many uses for this wonderful oil. You learn something new every day Jackie.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful blog you have. Now that you mention it, i realise that lemongrass is so beneficial to us.


Princess Haiku said...

I love the scent of lemon and was pleased to find all of these uses for lemongrass. I am going to visualize a pot of lemongrass sprouting in my container garden.

Aimee said...

Thanks for this. Got a lemongrass at home and learned from you the beneficial uses of this glass.