1 Jun 2007

Turmeric Oil and Powder

Turmeric has been valued as a health and beauty aid for thousands of years in India and the rest of the South East Asia region and hundreds of years in the Far East. The West is slowly coming appreciate it and no longer just looks on it as "poor mans saffron".

The oil is extracted from the rhizome by steam distillation and the powder is the ground up rhizome. The curcumin contained in turmeric is what gives it such amazing health properties. The Oil has a spicy gingery orange perfume and is slightly green to a yellow color and the powder a bright yellow to a yellow/orange color.

Turmeric oil is used in aromatherapy to balance, stimulate and relax. It is an anti-inflammatory, anti-arthritis and anti-oxidant oil. It is very strong so should should be used sparingly, 3 drops to a tablespoon of a carrier oil like canola or grapeseed oil. It blends well with ginger or ylang ylang oils.

Excellent for the skin, turmeric powder is used in pastes and masks to lighten the skin, to prevent and cure pigmentation marks, relieve eczema, prevent dryness, prevent wrinkles, remove hair and heal spots. Applied to the hair will lighten blond hair and add highlights to brown hair.

For oily skin a simple face mask can be made with tomato pulp and turmeric powder and a simple toner with turmeric powder and lemon juice. For dry skin a simple mask can be made with turmeric oil or powder, mixed with almond oil, virgin olive oil or coconut oil.

In first aid the powder can be applied to cuts as an antiseptic and to stop bleeding. Mixed in water and drunk it will relieve digestive problems like bloating and gas, sore throats and coughs. A paste made with chickpea flour, vegan yogurt with turmeric oil or powder, can be applied to sprains or arthritic joints to relieve pain. Mixed with aloe vera gel it can be applied to burns.

It is an excellent natural fabric dye and requires no fixatives.

For more info on turmeric's health properties, cooking with turmeric and recipes visit my other blog The Vegan Diet.



Princess Haiku said...

Thanks for this information as I didn't know anything at all about turmeric oil.

Marion said...

I find it odd that turmeric is a spice I rarely use. I rarely pickle anymore, and I think that is the only recipe where I ever used it.

You've given me inspiration with your two posts to try it (and curries!)once again. I had a bad reaction to curry years ago; have stayed away from it as a result.

As I age, I find my body either adjusts or just accepts things it did or didn't, years earlier!

chicken enchiladas said...

Turmeric powder is a great resource i use it often (=

Naomi said...

Great post Jackie. Turmeric has so many uses apart from being used in Indian cookery.

Anonymous said...

I use a lot of turmeric powder and sometimes had trouble finding it at the local grocery store. I searched on Google and found a great site that sell turmeric in bulk at a reasonable price. They also have a lot of good info on turmeric spice and plant.

Nessa said...

I started taking Turmeric as a capsule this past week. Mostly for inflammation which i can say i honestly feel has helped a good bit. AS far as the other benefits you listed, is Turmeric just as effective in the capsule or does it need to be used in secific ways to achieve the other benefits.I don't mean the hair coloring lol, but like as an antioxidant and such.

Jackie said...

Nessa, I take a turmeric capsule daily as I find it one of the best anti-oxidants for me.

CelloBella said...

How much tumeric should you mix with water?

dhanya said...

is there any antimicrobial activity for turmeric oil.

Jackie said...

Sorry I missed questions on this old entry.

The oil is described more as an anti-bacterial than anti-microbial and used externally. I haven't tried the oil as I only use the powder.

The capsule I take contains standardised turmeric root extract (300mg) and raw turmeric root powder (150mg). When cooking I add around half a teaspoon per serving and I probably have an average of 5 servings a week. That way I appear to obtain all it's benefits.