12 May 2007

Learn About Herbs

One of the things I have loved doing for years is finding out all about herbs. It is quite easy to educate yourself, especially with all the incredible info now available on the Web.

More and more people are beginning to grow and use herbs in their homes. Whether they are using them as companion plants to protect their flowers and veggies when growing, flavoring their food or using them to heal many mild health problems from colds to aching muscles, herbs continue to grow in popularity. On top of that they have learnt to love the wonderful aroma from the oils in many of the herbs and use them to perfume many things like bath products, soaps, candles and beauty preparations.

If you are interested in learning more about herbs, take a look at these sites, which I often use for inspiration:

Botanical - A Modern Herbal This website has been online since 1995 and has an amazing amount of infomation on herbs. Here you will find their descriptions, cultivation, history, parts used, constituents, medicinal action and uses. There are also recipes, articles and links.

HGTV - Index of various herb projects and articles.

Companion Plants A nice chart for the home gardener compliled by Prof Hill, Macdonald College.

National Sustainable Agriculture Info Service (ATTRA). Gives companion planting info to aid pest control and obtain higher yields. It gives details for each U.S. State and for non-U.S. areas. This is mainly aimed at the farmer but still useful for the home gardener.

Timeless Herb Secrets
A South African blog with great info and recipes.

Katie's Herb Page There are pages on harvesting herbs , bath recipes, recipes, garden design etc.
Try her Spicy Aftershave Lotion:
Take a 1/4 cup each rosemary, and mint and add: a grated nutmeg, a cinnamon stick, a half a lemon-grated, and if available, 1/4 cup of patchouli leaves. (A couple of drops of essential oil would be fine.) Add these things to 2 cups vodka. Add a couple of drops of artificial musk oil and 1 cup of rose water. Let all this set for a couple of weeks, strain, label, and store in a cool spot.

Opossum Sally has many good herbal bath recipes, herb tea recipes, gardening hints and much more. Well worth a visit. Try her Herbal Relaxation Bath.
Steep 1/4 cup dried St. John's Wort, 1/4 cup dried Lavender, 1/4 cup dried Rosemary for 20 minutes or longer in one quart of boiled water. Add to warm bath water. Relax in bath for minimum of 20 minutes.

Hopefully I have got you interested in getting back to nature and using herbs rather than easily purchased but expensive beauty and cooking aids in the home. Plus the fact many manufactured items have additives that natural products do not and you have the added satisfaction of knowing that they have not been tested on animals.




bizwhiz said...

Another great post.

"For the hand that rocks the cradle
Is the hand that rules the world." ... William Ross Wallace

You have a wonderful weekend too!

Princess Haiku said...

This is an interesting post and thanks for the treasure trove of links beneath. I found a poem about vervain that is wonderful.

Dave said...

What a wealth of information you are to all of us. I bow to my teacher.

Marion said...

Jackie, thank you sooo much for all those terrific links. Herbs are my favourite plants in the garden...they are wonderfully easy care, too...pests and disease rarely bother them.

I am involved in starting a herb garden for the care facility my mother lives in...I use your site all the time for really reliable info.

d. chedwick bryant said...

Hi--glad I found your blog today--I got so caught up in older posts I left a comment in Oct '06 without thinking!

great blog!

ericat said...

I can relate to you, but I am not in the same league. Retired and doing pedigree cat breeding (kittens are now our children) my cat site with aloe hobby and cultivating aloe seeds. I do not know about you, but I have never been so busy before I retired.
Aloe gel is remarkable I think you can include that with your herbs.

Naomi said...

Thanks for the links Jackie. Forgot to say I'm hoping to do an evening class starting in September in either Indian Head Massage or Aromatherapy Massage. Should make for some interesting posts!

Staff said...

Nice site :)
This is the only REAL natural sunscreen because it doesn't have Titanium Dioxide in it, which is toxic if you read about it here:

Angie Goodloe LMT, Herbalist said...

If your interested in learning about herbs I teach an herbalist intro course online. Nice blog!

Nam Star said...

I love reading all about what you can do with different herbs from your own garden, especially when it is well written and concise like your blog is. I only have a small garden space so I like to use pots for herbs at my place. Thanks once again.